Experience and Leadership to Put Our Students First

Three main points for why I am running
1) Equal opportunity for all students The Board’s Vision 2020 calls for quality schools in every neighborhood. While they have made some progress, we still have a long way to go to reach their stated goal of “zip code doesn’t matter” for student achievement. It shouldn’t, but it still does. My daughters had a great experience in Mira Mesa schools and I want all of the students in Mira Mesa and across the city to have an equally great experience. We need to hold all of our schools accountable. Parents should have a choice to decide what school is best for their kids and they shouldn’t have to travel far to find that. We need more transparency and accountability. Charter schools need to be just as accountable and transparent as neighborhood schools.

2) We need to convince the public and legislators that we need to dramatically increase funding for public schools. Having more money does not guarantee success. But being in the Bottom Ten of states for per pupil funding of public schools when our constitution calls for us to be in the Top Ten is not okay. We have seen many pockets of success, but the district cannot take these programs to scale without full and fair funding. I will work with legislators, community stakeholders, parents, teachers and administrative staff to provide the pressure needed in Sacramento to make dramatic change in how we fund public schools. It is the best investment we can make for our future and I will bring a voice of urgency to this issue. I know how critical this is. I have 18 years of experience as a volunteer leader in the District and have served as PTA President at the Elementary and Middle School Levels as well as President of the Mira Mesa High School Foundation. Over the years I have consistently dealt with the challenge of having to raise money for things the District cannot pay for. This is not acceptable. We need adequate funding for all schools from La Jolla to City Heights. I plan to be a strong parent voice in this movement by forming a coalition of the 10 largest urban school districts in the state to include school board, unions and PTA/parent volunteers to take our message to the state in order to dramatically increase education funding. I also strongly support the Schools and Communities First Initiative that will go a long way in supporting this effort.

3) We need a strong parent voice on the school board. I will bring a fresh voice to the board along with the track record of a parent volunteer leader who has been working closely with San Diego Unified schools for the past 18 years. Although my youngest daughter graduated from high school in 2018 I have continued to fight for Mira Mesa schools and serve on their Foundation because I believe it is important to the entire community. That’s why I also currently serve on the Mira Mesa Town Council. As a parent I have developed strong relationships with other parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders and will use these to fight for our students because they deserve better.

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